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Julie Roberts

Masters Level Counseling Intern,

Northwestern University

My Story

My passion for working with people within mental health began over twenty years ago when I began buying used college psychology books to read in my spare time as a high school student. After some college, I took to the field working with children and families conducting in-home wraparound services to support families experiencing difficult times. 


I went on to work with seriously mentally ill (SMI) adults and developed a specialty of co-occurring substance use disorders in assertive community treatment. There I served diverse community members as they navigated and defined their needs, barriers, abilities, gifts, and strengths.


After about a decade of this work, I began my own family and took a hiatus to pursue my own personal restructuring work. I dove deep into the integration of my past and present to compose one whole united being, more capable of dreaming up passions and living in peace and happiness. From there, I began pursuing my education again to become a counselor, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with degrees in both Biology and Psychology, and gaining admittance to, and then enrolling in, Northwestern University for their Master’s of Counseling program. I currently hold a 4.0 GPA, conduct research in counseling psychology education, and receive scholarship as an Emerging Scholar. 


I was drawn to work for Benavieri Counseling during my internship because of the agency’s dedication to intense ongoing counselor training, incorporation of neurobiological understanding in treatment approaches, emphasis on good compassionate working therapeutic relationships with clients, and achieving self-acceptance as a major component of healing. I desire to work with clients to help them achieve their own healing and restructuring, overcome barriers, find their unique gifts and strengths, and integrate self-acknowledgment and acceptance into one peaceful and powerful being. I am honored to work with people from ALL walks of life. 

I'm trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, and specialize in working with kids, teens and women who've experienced trauma and are experiencing dissociative symptoms. Some presenting concerns I hope to be able to help you with are mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, relationship stress, and family conflict. 

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