Our teen program, Level Up: In Real Life gives your teens a boost! Sign them up for a 6-week group series: Level Up: In Real Life (IRL). These skills are not taught in schools, but are arguably some of the most important we ever learn. 

I spent two years counseling men and women who were currently or recently incarcerated. I realized that there is a set of skills that these individuals constantly lack. I developed a program for teens and young adults that teaches these skills, giving them an advantage to begin adulthood on the right track. 

Help your kids bridge the gap and build a positive self-identity that affords them confidence, independence, and self-esteem necessary to stand up to peer pressure, make good choices, and become the great men and women you know they can be. 

This isn't just for troubled teens, it's for everyone. For about the same price as you can sign them up for a recreational sport (or even less!) you can give them the chance to build their own identity and confidence!

Week 1: Communication Skills

Week 2: Values definition

Week 3: Emotional regulation

Week 4: ABCD Method of Decision Making

Week 5: Boundaries and Relationships

Week 6: Mindfulness and Stress Management

We meet on Tuesdays for 6 weeks. Contact us to learn more or sign up below!

6 Week Group for Teens

  • 6-week group series for teens to learn crucial personal & life-skills.

    Started Nov 18

    215 US dollars


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